A Banter’s Sweetness

The challenge is: Show something sweet. As the challenger says,  around the world we have health issues and changing diets and lifestyle, trying to reduce the obesity and Type 2 Diabetic epidemics that are raging across the planet. Weekly challenge.

As many people know, I am following a Low Carb High Fat Diet since July 24, 2014, and since then, I lost 16-18 kg, my blood sugar stabilized and my health improved immensely.

Many people fear that by following an LFHC diet, they have to give up the sweetness in life, but that is not necessary. By following such a lifestyle, you gain much more. When doing Banting, one of the many LFHC diets, you are allowed to eat all the wonderful, rich foods that were forbidden in the past and in the meantime, there are sugar substitutes that you may use.

So, whenever I am in need of some sweetness, I make one of the allowed sweet things and enjoy every bit of it. The pictures that follow, are from my recipe books.

As you may see, while we have to give up all starch and sugars, we don’t have to give up all the sweetness of life!

The books may be ordered from me.


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19 thoughts on “A Banter’s Sweetness

    1. Sommer terloops, ek het nou die dag op facebook geskryf dat ek die mense altyd so jammer kry wat daardie oorsoet, spierwit terte moet eet wat gemaak word van opgeklitste, nagemaakte room, terwyl ek ‘n heerlike, geel, ryk, romerige kaaskoek eet. 🙂

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