My blog Jot#3

I started blogging in 2010 after I watched the movie, ‘Julie & Julia’ about a girl who had a cooking blog and thought that I wanted to try it.

At first I was totally addicted to it. I wanted to be in blogland all day, reading blogs and chatting with the other bloggers. Many days I felt guilty when I spent time on my blog.

Today I am glad about my blog. It is an inspirational blog in Afrikaans and lots of people find something encouraging to read there.

My own life changed since I started blogging. I have much more confidence, I grew in myself, I know myself better. Blogging changed how I think about certain things, it broaden my view.

Out of blogging came a lot of things that I am very proud of:

I had been on South African National TV once.

I published two cooking books in Afrikaans, the one was translated into English as well.

I wrote for an Agricultural electronic magazine, as well for the well known Afrikaans Christian’s Magazine, Finesse’s blog. One of my articles were published in the Finesse Magazine.

I also wrote articles for a slimming e-magazine. Some other e-magazine also published some of my blog posts.

The newest is that a Christian Publisher in South Africa asked me to advertise and revise some of their books on my Facebook and blog.

Since blogging, my electronic web also expanded and I have two Facebook pages: ‘Toortsie se Faceboekblad’ and ‘Toortsie se Bantingresepteboeke’. I am on Pinterest and Instagram.

Thanks to blogging, I met the nicest people, real people in real life. People with whom I can walk for life.

I love blogging. I love my blog. I love the interaction with other people. I love reading other people’s blogs.

I can recommend blogging with all my heart. Blogging enriched my life.



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