Today’s daily prompt is Serendipity, brought by Jill. As an Afrikaans speaking person, I am not quite sure if I understand the word correctly. According to Google, the meaning of serendipity is, ‘the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.’ An example of serendipity is, according to Google, when someone accidently finds something good.

I’ll try my best. You may decide if my story qualifies as ‘serendipity’.

On Black Friday, 2017, I ordered two pairs from a company of shoes via the internet at a really good discount. They had such a huge demand for shoes on that day that their computers crashed.

At first, my shoes haven’t arrived in two days as was promised, but I heard that they had this big problem and that the computers sold inventory that they didn’t have. We had to wait a little bit so that they could sort things out.

In the meantime, we went on holiday and I decided to sort this out when we return.

While we were away, the shoes arrived. Every thing went well. I had my shoes and were really happy with them.

But, two weeks later, the shoes arrived again. Duplication!

I gave the second pairs of shoes to my daughter, who exchanged it for another pairs, but the shoes were marked down, she could even choose something else as well!

That day at the Mall we had quite a lot of surprises, at every shop we came, we received discount. Every time we came at the till, they told us that the articles were marked down and that it was not the price as marked on the article. 🙂 Strange!

Back at home, I phoned the company to tell them that they sent the order twice and that I wanted to pay them back. They didn’t know how to solve my problem! 🙂 They would phone me back, but never did. 🙂

Christmas box? Serendipity? God’s Grace? Pure good luck?


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I think the answer on all these question marks is: God’s grace. 🙂

Suggesting the prompt

Linda G Hill gave twelve persons the opportunity to suggest a prompt and before I could even think over it, I typed ‘sunrise’. So, on the tenth of January, my prompt would be the prompt of the day.

Typically me, I didn’t think before I acted, and when you suggest the prompt of the day, the natural thing would be to write about the prompt yourself, isn’t it?

Well, first of all I couldn’t remember on which day it was my turn, I thought it was later. 😳

Apart from that, this week is my first week back at work and my colleague resigned, so the heaps of work is much higer than normal and gets higher as we speak.

Then, the surprise came: Today is the day! The bloggers visits my blog and no sun has rised here! The truth is, the sun didn’t plan to rise on my blog yesterday!

So, all in a sudden, it did rise. Fast and quick.

It was a wonderful experience with so many new blogging friends that visited my blog and took part in the challenge to write about sunrise. Thank you for every one that participated and still is participating. I promise that in time I’ll visit every blog that linked to my post.

In the mean time, have a nice day. If you still want to write about sunrise, you are more than welcome and remember to link to my post.



I had the privilege to choose our prompt for today in the JusJoJan challenge and I chose sunrise. When I think about it again, the better choice would be sunset because I am not a morning person and miss most sunrises.

But, for many years on the farm I was awake then and went to the shed for Morning Scripture and, mostly in winter, could appreciate the sunrise.

Sunrise is a wonderful part of the day. It annouces the beginning of a new day. A new beginning. It has a present in it: About 16 hours that we may fill as we thinks best. A new day that we can do our best, perhaps fix a few faults that we made, make even more faults! Sunrise gives me the chance to start new. Isn’t that wonderful?

What means sunrise to you? Write it in the comments, or even better, write it on your own blog and remember to tag this post.


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Die self. Ek. Me, myself, I. Dis veronderstel om die onderwerp te wees waaroor ‘n mens die maklikste skryf en praat en, ja, vir ‘n babbelaar soos ek, is dit maklik om oor myself te praat, en ek doen dit graag, sekerlik soms tot groot pyn en frustrasie van ander.

Dis dan ook sekerlik die rede hoekom die Bybel sê dat ons ons naaste moet liefhê soos onsself, ons moet ons naaste respekteer soos ons onsself respekteer, versorg soos ons onsself versorg.

Baie jare gelede het ek ‘n werkstuk vir ‘n teologiestudent getik, wat juis hieroor gegaan het en dit het ‘n blywende indruk op my gemaak. Ek het net die tikwerk gedoen, hy het die navorsing en die skryfwerk gedoen.

Wat hierdie student daardie jare in sy werkstuk geskryf het, is iets wat deesdae soms amper oorbeklemtoon word, dat as ‘n mens nie jouself liefhet nie, jy ook nie ander mense kan liefhê nie.

Die twee loop hand aan hand, onsself, en ander mense, en ons moet aan beide aandag gee.

Ons moet oppas dat die EK nie só groot raak dat die naaste glad nie saakmaak nie en die naaste eintlik vir my moet dien nie, dat die wêreld net om my draai nie. Ek, en ek alleen, en ek maak geen opoffering as dit nie tot voordeel van myself is nie.

Die ander kant van die munt is net so erg waar die naaste alles is en ek niks. Alles in my lewe gaan daaroor om te dien en ek sal myself verpletter en verneder ter wille van ander mense.

Iewers moet ons ‘n balans vind waar die self die nodige liefde kry om heel en gesond en gemaklik te wees, en as jy heel en gesond en jouself op ‘n gesonde manier liefhet, kan jy ander mense gesond dien, liefdevol, in oorvloed, in net so baie liefde soos jy jouself het.

Die een hand was die ander.

En soms moet ons net sag op onsself wees.



Toortsie’s Wednesday One-Liner

Mag ons grootste teleurstellings ons grootste triomf word deur Jesus Christus.

May our biggest disappointments become out biggest triumph with Jesus Crist.