Separate Super Disappointed SoCS JusJoJan

Challenge: Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sap/sep/sip/sop/sup.” Use one or all of these words or find a word that contains them, but most of all, have fun!

When you work hard on the relationship with your husband or wife, the chance is so much better that you won’t SEPerate, but have a SUPer marriage. Try it! You won’t be diSAPpointed. SO Please, love your spouse and show your love in every possible way.’




My blog Jot#3

I started blogging in 2010 after I watched the movie, ‘Julie & Julia’ about a girl who had a cooking blog and thought that I wanted to try it.

At first I was totally addicted to it. I wanted to be in blogland all day, reading blogs and chatting with the other bloggers. Many days I felt guilty when I spent time on my blog.

Today I am glad about my blog. It is an inspirational blog in Afrikaans and lots of people find something encouraging to read there.

My own life changed since I started blogging. I have much more confidence, I grew in myself, I know myself better. Blogging changed how I think about certain things, it broaden my view.

Out of blogging came a lot of things that I am very proud of:

I had been on South African National TV once.

I published two cooking books in Afrikaans, the one was translated into English as well.

I wrote for an Agricultural electronic magazine, as well for the well known Afrikaans Christian’s Magazine, Finesse’s blog. One of my articles were published in the Finesse Magazine.

I also wrote articles for a slimming e-magazine. Some other e-magazine also published some of my blog posts.

The newest is that a Christian Publisher in South Africa asked me to advertise and revise some of their books on my Facebook and blog.

Since blogging, my electronic web also expanded and I have two Facebook pages: ‘Toortsie se Faceboekblad’ and ‘Toortsie se Bantingresepteboeke’. I am on Pinterest and Instagram.

Thanks to blogging, I met the nicest people, real people in real life. People with whom I can walk for life.

I love blogging. I love my blog. I love the interaction with other people. I love reading other people’s blogs.

I can recommend blogging with all my heart. Blogging enriched my life.



Toortsie’s One liner Wednesday

2019, the year of new beginnings!

JusJoJan #2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red around the world.

When I saw at Aletta’s blog that the weekly photo challenge is RED, I was inspired immediately. Red can never be wrong.

Red energises me. Red gives me hope. Red puts ‘a spring in my step’ (I used google translate for this one and I am not sure if it is correct. Red makes me want to dance. Red lightens the tread.

They say that you must not make red the colour of your bedroom. Well, I can say that since I have red curtains and a red duvet cover, I sleep much better at night.

Red just do it for me. Red is a warm colour, a friendly colour, a welcoming colour. An ‘outgoing’ colour. A rich colour.

What about a big, Lindt chocolate, covered in Red, to chase away the cold at the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland? Can you believe how many ‘doors of hearts’ my red bag opened in my life? So many time it is the reason for the beginning of a new conversation. 

The Moulin Rouge in Paris.

A street café in Amsterdam.

Toortsie cooking for the TV Programme, Pasella, SABC2, in South Africa. Why, would you think, wears Toortsie red on such a day? For courage and good luck! 

Nice food from Toortsie’s Banting Bash!

A last fun picture of Toortsie in red in South Africa.

And if you still wonder which colour is best? Ask me! If you still don’t know it?  I LOVE red!


English Blog Posts

Pink Toortsie


The theme for squares this month is ‘In the Pink‘ and the one rule as always is that your main photograph must be square.