Suggesting the prompt

Linda G Hill gave twelve persons the opportunity to suggest a prompt and before I could even think over it, I typed ‘sunrise’. So, on the tenth of January, my prompt would be the prompt of the day.

Typically me, I didn’t think before I acted, and when you suggest the prompt of the day, the natural thing would be to write about the prompt yourself, isn’t it?

Well, first of all I couldn’t remember on which day it was my turn, I thought it was later. 😳

Apart from that, this week is my first week back at work and my colleague resigned, so the heaps of work is much higer than normal and gets higher as we speak.

Then, the surprise came: Today is the day! The bloggers visits my blog and no sun has rised here! The truth is, the sun didn’t plan to rise on my blog yesterday!

So, all in a sudden, it did rise. Fast and quick.

It was a wonderful experience with so many new blogging friends that visited my blog and took part in the challenge to write about sunrise. Thank you for every one that participated and still is participating. I promise that in time I’ll visit every blog that linked to my post.

In the mean time, have a nice day. If you still want to write about sunrise, you are more than welcome and remember to link to my post.


Gesels saam, asseblief!

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