Weekly Photo Challenge: Red around the world.

When I saw at Aletta’s blog that the weekly photo challenge is RED, I was inspired immediately. Red can never be wrong.

Red energises me. Red gives me hope. Red puts ‘a spring in my step’ (I used google translate for this one and I am not sure if it is correct. Red makes me want to dance. Red lightens the tread.

They say that you must not make red the colour of your bedroom. Well, I can say that since I have red curtains and a red duvet cover, I sleep much better at night.

Red just do it for me. Red is a warm colour, a friendly colour, a welcoming colour. An ‘outgoing’ colour. A rich colour.

What about a big, Lindt chocolate, covered in Red, to chase away the cold at the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland? Can you believe how many ‘doors of hearts’ my red bag opened in my life? So many time it is the reason for the beginning of a new conversation. 

The Moulin Rouge in Paris.

A street café in Amsterdam.

Toortsie cooking for the TV Programme, Pasella, SABC2, in South Africa. Why, would you think, wears Toortsie red on such a day? For courage and good luck! 

Nice food from Toortsie’s Banting Bash!

A last fun picture of Toortsie in red in South Africa.

And if you still wonder which colour is best? Ask me! If you still don’t know it?  I LOVE red!


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