My favourite word

In some blog challenge, the question is: What is my favourite word? As I am Afrikaans speaking, my favourite word is an Afrikaans one, namely: ‘Afgehandel’

This word means: It is finished. The job is done. Mission accomplished.

Oh, I LOVE that word!

You see, I have a number seven personality. That personality tipe is like being a butterfly, always busy with several tasks simultaneously.

A number seven gets bored easily and always see something new that she wants to do. She start a thing with enthusiasm, just to see the next interesting thing nearby and start that ons as well, and the next one, and the next. And asks someone else for her help, she is more than willing to do that as well.

So, while a number seven is always busy, it takes lots of work and courage and determination to finish something, and when a big task is completed, it is really a victory.

As a matured number seven, I learned to finish things and achieve it more and more, but still have to much to do, so still every finished task is very nice and energising.

So for me, the word, ‘afgehandel’, is a very special word. Really special. More special than any person would think. Sometimes it is really a challenge to get to that moment when something is finished.

Best wishes


30 thoughts on “My favourite word

  1. Afgehandel – “afhandel” could be “to get something off your hands”. Maybe. But you’re right, as I grow older, I find that I grow bored and tired with a specific project much sooner. So much to do, so little time. Ek is bly om jou hier te sien Toortsie.

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    1. I’m so glad! God het my op ‘n wonderbaarlike manier gewys dat Hy na my kyk soos iemand na ‘n baba kyk: Veilig toegedraai terwyl sy sjoe sjoe. Baba hoef net te slaap en te groei, oor niks te worry nie. Want worry help net mooi niks! 😁


  2. Oh my shattered nerves… you had me at #Afgehandel I too am a busy busy busy personality. It’s ok being busy but as long as we step back to breathe and realize it’s alright to put things away in the (afgehandel) pile once in a while… or more often thanks to your advice.😎

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