Astonished? Or in Awe?

Although astonished is the word that I am going to use today, as a result of the daily prompt, I think the best word to use in this case, is ‘in awe’.

I am a Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) Facilitator. I am quite new and don’t see clients every day or every week, but I see some clients on a regular basis. Every time when a client is due for his/her appointment, I am a bit nervous. Then I have questions in my mind, like, would I be capable of doing it? Every time I go to the Lord and He calms my heart and assure me that it will be all right.

With every client I see, I am astonished, in awe about what God does in the lives of those people. It is amazing to see how God brings healing to a person, and what is really wonderful, is that God brings the healing differently for every person. He knows us so well and He knows which way would be best to bring truth to each of us.

Every time, after a TPM session, I want to rejoice, because I could have the privilege to see the real transformation that happens in the heart of that person.

God shows the person that felt neglected for her whole life, that she has purpose. The man who had anger in his heart towards a person, became free after many years of carrying the heavy load of unforgiveness and walked away with so much energy, not having to carry this load any more. The lady that always felt the odd one out in her family, learned from God that she is loved so much. The Toortsie that felt for 50 years that she was not good enough, learned that she is good enough, that God wants her the way she is.

Each time God has a new surprise. Each time I am astonished. In awe, because our God is an Awesome God. He really is!

I want to encourage you to take your pain, the pain that you carry for all your life, the pain that you hide, the pain that drags you down, have the courage and make work of it. Confront it. Look it in the eye. Yes, it really is painful, but the relief is so much better.

Best wishes


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