Helen’s LCHF Story

Helen Fenwick

Age 65

“You are not fat so why are you Banting?” I am often asked this question and yes – I’m not fat.  I’m also healthy.   But that’s because I have always watched my weight.  Name any diet and chances are I’ve tried it!

At 18 and 1.65m,  I weighed 60kg.    I gained 10kg during my student years.  During the last term of my third year, aged 21, I crashed dieted down to 58kg.  Since then my weight has constantly fluctuated between 58 and 64.   As soon as I go off a diet, it slowly creeps up and then it’s back to another diet. In my younger days, exercise and dieting were just part of my life. I had two choices – Diet or Get Fat.  For many years before Banting, I followed a low-fat diet which was better than all the other fad diets I tried. But I missed the fat on chops and the skin on then chicken so often cheated on the 3g of fat per 100g of product rule. I would maintain for a while but then my weight creep up until I disciplined myself again.   The problem with all the diets I tried was that they never satisfied my food cravings nor my hunger.

Then a friend lent me “The Real Meal Revolution” by Prof Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot and David Grier

On Saturday 25 April 2015, I weighed 62kg.   While drinking a cup of coffee and nibbling a rusk, I sat reading The Book. My first aha! moment –– Carbohydrates make you hungry! I threw the rusk away. It was poison and the reason for my life-long weight battle!  At that moment I became a Banter!

It was easy. I had no sugar withdrawal symptoms, my food cravings disappeared and I was not hungry between meals.  The other startling fact that I learned from The Book was:  You can live without carbohydrates but you will die without fats.  And I was trying so hard to cut out the life-giving fats!

If an occasion demands I indulge in a non-banting meal or snack but I am always disappointed in the taste.   I don’t miss carbs because fats are so delicious and satisfying.  In 9 months I dropped to 55kg and I’ve remained there.  Banting is not only for weight loss, it’s for general well-being too.  I am 65, full of energy and don’t need any chronic medication.


Thank you, Helen, for your wonderful story.

I invite you to write your LCHF success story in Afrikaans or English, maximum 400 words. I want to put it on this blog, toortsie.com.

Tell us why you started the LCHF lifestyle, what obstacles you had to overcome, what benefit you received from doing this lifestyle.

Please email it to madeleburger@gmail.com

The final decision is with me whether I’m going to publish it or not.

Thank you so much


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24 thoughts on “Helen’s LCHF Story

      1. Ja. Iets snaaks het met my gewig gebeur Toortsie. Tot op ‘n punt het ek opgetel en toe gestabiliseer op 62. Verlede jaar het ek skielik gewig begin verloor, veral toe ek my hormoonaanvullings gestaak het.Ek was baie bekommerd,maar doktersondersoek wys geen probleem nie en ek het nou weer gestabiliseer op 56. Ek was op geen dieet of het enige iets anders as gewoonlik gedoen nie.

        Liked by 2 people

                  1. Die feit dat my gewig nou al twee maande gestabiliseer het, laat my beter voel. Ek het baie geëet hierdie vakansie en nie ‘n ons opgetel nie. Ag laat ek nou nie kerm by jou nie. Dis net, almal praat altyd van té swaar en vergeet van die ouens wat té lig is…😜😂

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Jy kerm glad nie. Die mooi van alles is dat ek tot omtrent 22 jarige ouderdom totaal ondergewig was! Kan jy nou meer! Ek is 176 cm sedert st 6. In daardie jare het ek 56 geweeg, later 58 en in matriek die groot 62. In my eerste jaar het ek opgetel tot 70 en dit weer verloor. Dis eers later wat ek met my tewig begin sukkel het.

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                    2. Dit moet so wees, kyk wat het gebeur toe jy jpu hormoonpille los! Myne is uit en uit ‘n suikerverslawing en ek is natuurlik ook ‘n emosionele eter. Ek eet oor ek bly is, hartseer is, bang us, opgewonde is …
                      Baie mense sê mos as iets gebeur, kom ons drink daarop. Ek sê: Kom ons eet daarop! 😱

                      Liked by 1 person

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