Transformation of the heart

Where I live in South Africa, transformation in nature is something that we see regularly. In a very short time, our world transforms from very dry and barren, to a beautiful, lively, green, thanks to rain. It is unbelievable how fast our world can change after it rained.

What I want to write about, is the transformation of the heart. It is an absolute miracle how the Holy Spirit can change a person’s heart in seconds. And, when a persons heart is changed, his whole being is changed. It is not a secret change deep inside, but a change that cannot be hidden. You can see the change in the person’s eyes, on his face, even in his way of life! Amazing!

When I did the course in Transformation Prayer Ministry a while ago, I was priviliged to attend a real TPM session with a person. It was like walking on Holy Ground. It was life-changing, even for me that was only the onlooker, to see the transformation that happened in that person. We could see it in her body-language, in her eyes, in everything. What a miracle! What a blessing, not only for her, but for me as well.

Transformation of the heart is possible. Miracles still happens every day.


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