According to Google, the meaning of ‘quill‘ , which is the latest daily prompt, is: ‘any of the main wing or tail feathers of a bird.‘ Is this where the dawn filled quilt gets its name from?

When you pluck the quill of a bird, you harm him. For some time the bird can’t fly then because the most important feathers are gone. Many people that want to have a bird in their homes, pluck the quills so that they, the people, can be the masters of the birds.

In the past year, the enemy tried to pluck my own quills as well. He tried it in several ways, planted lies that my dearest believed. It felt as if a part of my body was cut off. You know, when somebody in your family suffers, everyone in that family suffers.  He (the enemy) really tried very hard and nearly succeeded. Actually, I think that he thinks that he did succeed and sometimes I also feel like that.

But there is always hope. There is always good news, because of my God, the God that I believe in, the only True God, is a God that brings hope, a God that wants best for us, even in times when things don’t go well. For Him, it is possible to bring something good from the worst situation.

Marandia Wright published a beautiful post this morning, and I want to say with her, It is well with me. Yes! It really Is!

You know, when you pluck a quill, the bird is hindered only temporary because, while the quill is gone, he learns new skills. He learns to get his way in new ways. He gets strong in ways he wouldn’t have if the quill was still there. He learns things about himself that he wouldn’t have with the quill still in place.

But something else happens as well: The quill is not gone forever! It grows again, and one day, a new quill will be in place. A new new!

Yes, it is well with me! And you? Is everything well with you? Did somebody pluck your quill as well? Remember, this is not the end, it is the beginning of something new! In the process, you will be getting stronger, learn things about yourself that you wouldn’t have, but in the meantime, a new quill is growing that will take you on higher hights than you could imagine.

May God bless you!


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13 thoughts on “Quill

      1. Berge uitklim Toorts…. aanhou wanneer jy voel jy kannie een treë verder gee nie. Moed hou wanneer alles om jou pikswart is en jy nie die pad kan sien nie, en wonder wanneer foeter jy die kranse af. Kan aangaan maar ek dink jy verstaan. 🙂


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