I am a fixer

MakeItUltra published a beautiful post on 5 ways to be irresistible, to be more likable. Some of them are easier than others.

No 1: Pay attention to detail. This one is not so easy, but he writes: Find something in the person that you like and name it. Tell her she looks beautiful, I love her dress or her hair. Oh, that is easy. Really.

No 2: Ask people about their passion. People like it to talk about themselves, me too!, so I have to remember not to talk about myself all the time, but to ask them about themselves as well. Most time I remember to do that, but, oh well, not always. The problem is, I am a talker! A prophet. And prophets like to talk!

No 3: Do small (5 minutes) favours. Really, that is easy. Help this person here, then that one there. Like a butterfly, then here, then there. Easy.

No 4: Use a flooding smile when you greet someone. Well, I think, be real. Sincere. Then your smile will be real.

No 5: Meet people where they are. There’s the problem. It is easy for me to meet a person where he is in life, I can hear and understand his problem, but the problem is, I am a fixer. When someone tells me his problem, I listen and can’t help of thinking of ways to help the person, and as, MakeItUltra says, sometimes people only wants someone to listen to him. Yes, I know, and yes, I try!

But how can I not help if I see a way to help? How can I not make a suggestion to enlight the person’s problem? I am a fixer! A prophet’s first task is to see problems in advance and to do their best to fix it before it becomes a real problem. That is how God want them to be, that is what God want them to do?

You know, when I give a suggestion for someone to help him, I don’t care if he doesn’t follow the suggestion, it is his choice, but I really feel a failure if I couldn’t help someone in some way!

Over the years I had to learn to be more sensitive, not to overwhelm someone, but it is difficult because that is how I was made. My whole being is like that. How can I NOT help someone if I am able to do it? (Yes, I understand that not everyone wants an answer, they want an ear.)


Daily post: Catapult, something that was a very common toy in my childhood days.

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8 Responses to I am a fixer

  1. Pasop Toortsie jou goeie bedoelings word dalk in jou gesig terug gegooi, soos myne in my gesig ontplof het met die woorde “Jy is n control freak”. omdat ek net wou help

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  2. Wonderful considerations, dear Toortsie! 🙂


  3. Gewoonlik wil mense net hê iemand moet luister.Ek gee net raad as dit gevra word.Dis die heel veiligste.

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