It’s all in a zip!

A friend of mine always said that I was a prophet, while I felt that I was a teacher. So, when thinking of being a prophet, I always became a bit of nervous. No! I don’t get this visions from God that I have to tell other people at all!

A while ago, Una wrote a wonderful piece of work about her gift from God. She is a ‘Mercy’. She sent me an email, describing the seven gifts of God, as written by Arthur Burke, namely: Prophet, Servant, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Ruler, Mercy. I had this shocking discovery: I AM a prophet. My friend, who knows me since 1976, were right. Yes. She knows me very well, and she knows the Lord as well.

Every one of the characteristics of a Prophet was me. Every single one, except one: I am not competitive.

Prophets see things in black and white. So very me! Over years I learned that there are grey areas, but actually, I see things in black and white.

Prophets have a simplistic world view. We must make sense of things, and if things don’t make sense, oh …

Prophet likes new things, they take initiative. 🙂 (Especially some prophets that I know like  seeing new places in the word! )

They easily go against the status quo. Yes. If I may tell you, that’s not always nice!

Look at this one: They easily have an opinion and are not shy to express it. (That means TROUBLE!; Not everyone likes to hear your opinion! )

Judges others compulsively. (Bad news! Over years I learned to be more cautious in my judging. The problem is, most times I can tell you who a person is within minutes. Au!)

Shift gears quickly. A prophet has a large range of emotions. Oh yes. The one moment I want to burst from fury, the next moment the fury is gone!

Visionary. Needs to know where they are going. I get fearful if I don’t know what is the next three steps!

Prophets give full disclosure. Exposes weaknesses, compulsion for honesty and integrity. I don’t lie on behalf of myself, and not on behalf of any other person. The challenge is, how do you say something that is difficult, still telling the truth, with no white lies allowed?

Very hard on themselves.

Out of sight, out of mind. Very true, this one!

Passion for excellence.

A prophet is not good with maintenance. It is very difficult to do the same thing every day. A prophet is like a butterfly, now on this flower, next, the other flower.

Prophets are FIXERS. They see a problem and is good at fixing it. Fast. IN A ZIP. Having a problem? Do you want it fixed fast and quickly? Ask a prophet! 🙂

Oh, and I nearly forgot one of the prophet’s best characteristics: The help other people for the benefit of the other person, not for themselves. They WANT other people become the best persons they can be.

And when I think about it, it sounds quite like a number seven!

When you know yourself better, know that that is how God made you, you understand yourself so much better. And that is good. 🙂

Best wishes


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23 Responses to It’s all in a zip!

  1. Kameel sê:

    Definitief nie ek nie. Klink interessant om die sewe gawes te bestudeer….. sommer so uit die vuis sou ek sê “mercy” klink na my. Mooi dag vir jou daar in die Kaap.



    Are you holding up a mirror before me?? Something rang true while reading. Take a second look at the moods that Ezra and Nehemia, Isaiah and even Jesus sometimes found themselves in.

    Yes, we are fixers. That is so true!

    On 25 Apr 2017 08:58, “Toortsie, Kameel en Bokbaaivygie se blog” wrote:

    > Toortsie posted: “A friend of mine always said that I was a prophet, while > I felt that I was a teacher. So, when thinking of being a prophet, I always > became a bit of nervous. No! I don’t get this visions from God that I have > to tell other people at all! A while ago, Un” >


  3. What a wonderful post, dear Toortsie! So close & familiar! 🙂 Thank you!


  4. travel460 sê:

    Dankie vir jou ware beskrywing van die profeet, Toortsie. Daar is niks so insiggewend soos wanneer iemand verstaan wie hy is, en dan daaroor getuig nie. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. dromer777 sê:

    Wens ek kon die beskrywings van die ander ook sien. Kan jy dit dalk aanstuur?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m a prophet as well, maar ek staan ook met ‘n groot vraagteken oor daai een op my voorkop… really?


  7. Jip, waarvoor anders dit nagaan? Was ‘n groot “eyeopener” vir my tov my persoonlikheidstipe/roeping.


  8. Terug pieng: I am a fixer | Toortsie, Kameel en Bokbaaivygie se blog

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