Praying for strangers

Ashlin Horne wrote a beautiful blog about how she and a complete stranger coincidentally were on two flights together and how she regularly thinks about him and pray for him. What a beautiful story!

She activated my mind and let me think of a hitchhiker whom I gave a lift a while ago. This is a very unsafe thing to do in South Africa! I sometimes give a lift to ladies, but I never stop to give a lift to men, but that specific day, I stopped and gave the man a lift. At first, he had to sit at the back of my van, but it was very cold, so I stopped so that he could come and sit in front next to me. 

Yes, I wás scared. So I stopped at a safe place and told him that I wasn’t going further, which was the truth.

But he stayed in my mind. Actually, I felt a bit bad about the situation.

So the next day, my husband and I passed him again and gave him a lift again! 😁 He gave a me a leather bookmark with the letters, WWJD, that I keep in my Bible and time and again I think, what happened to that man, travelling on his thumb around SA, with no money in his pocket, going from town to town to the local pastor and ask for food and lodging? And I pray for him, a perfect stranger. I really think God made me stop that day, for a reason!

So many times when I see a Muslim lady in the streets, I pray that she will meet Jesus. And then I always add, may all the people that is around her at that moment, know Him as well. They don’t even know that I pray for them, but that doesn’t matter, God knows!

And yes, I don’t do it enough! I’m sure this is what God wants us to do, to pray for each other, for the people we know, but also for those we don’t know.

Thank you, Ashlin Horne for reminding me. It really is something I have to do much more.

This is only an ordinary story about ordinary people. 😁

Best wishes


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4 thoughts on “Praying for strangers

  1. Dit is die wonderlike voorreg wat ons het…. ons kannie altyd praat nie, maar niemand kan ons keer om vir ‘n persoon of vir elke liewe mens in hierdie wêreld te bid nie. Miskien is jy al een wat vir daardie man bid. Doen so voort 🙂

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    1. Daai man se storie is vir my nog altyd vreemd.
      Ek is seker dis hy wat my by die poskantoor kom vra het vir geld, maar hy sê dit was nie hy nie hy kon nie só vinnig gestap het tot waar ek hom opgetel het nie, en soos ek sê, ek tel veral nie mans opnie!

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