A first for me! I was announced as the MOST FABULOUS READER by Maria KethuProfumo for THIS BLOG POST:

Daily prompt: Hesitate. Do not hesitate when an oppurtunity knocks on your door!

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Toortsie se  Facebook page

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Dear Friends,

finally this day has come! We’re ready to announce the winners of our award ‘Most Talented Reader’. Thank you for finding some spare time and sharing your brilliant considerations upon reading. Keep on improving your skill and spreading wisdom through your personal perception into the world.


So, here they are:

  • Catherine Townsend-Lyon as Most Inspiring Reader.

  • Ron as Most Encouraging Reader.

  • Toortsie as Most Fabulous Reader.

We’ve got a number of independent participants, who don’t blog. So we nominate Irina, a Professional Embroideress with Gold, for her profound considerations on reading, as Most Audacious Reader:

‘ In daily routine we can’t always find some time for reading. Why should we read if we can find some information in the Internet or watch a movie scripted on the book? Indeed. Though…what if you decide to learn an ancient craft or to become a…

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About Toortsie

'n Flitsliggie wat oral inskyn, ook waar dit soms ongemaklik is... A Toortsie is a small flashlight, like a torch.
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  1. the Author sê:

    Congratulations …to the Most Fabulous Reader!


  2. travel460 sê:

    Geluk Toortsie! Is dit nou nie ń lekker benaming vir jou “reward” nie.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Geluk – ek dink jy verdien dit, jy doen werklik moeite in baie opsigte in die blogwêreld.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. dromer777 sê:

    Baie geluk jy is ‘n waardige wenner


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