Take responsibility!

Today’s prompt, namely LUKEWARM, fits 100% into the post that I wrote a few minutes ago. Take responsibility for your life!

We are so busy, we work so hard, all our time goes into getting all the chores of the day done, that we let ourselves in the lurch. We don’t have enough time or energy left to give to ourselves, our family, our husband, our children, God.

In the process everything gets worse and worse, we get tired and sick, we don’t have enough energy for sex, for good food, for exercise and we need more pills and other medication to get on with our lives.

And this is my message for today. It is a very dangerous place to be when you are lukewarm. Not hot. Not cold. Lukewarm. Bad!

Take responsibility. Take responsibility for yourself, for your children, for the choices you make, for your relationship with God. Take responsibility for your part of your marriage. Do what you have to do, and don’t be a control freak that wants to control your husband as well. Help him, let him, teach him to be the man of the house, help him to do the things that he is responsible for. And teach your children to do their part as well.

Take responsibility of your life, of your schedule, of your diary and you’ll be surprised! Within a short time, you’ll see the difference. Then you won’t be lukewarm anymore, but, surprisingly, you’ll be hot!

Best wishes


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4 thoughts on “Take responsibility!

      1. Hulle wil ek net geniet!!! Ag ek weet Toorts ek preek dan so ewe verlede week vir twee swart tienermeisies in P&P (ken hul van geen Adamskant af nie) oor mans. Vertel hulle moet wedergebore mans trou en nie sommer elke Jan Rap en sy maat nie. Hulle. noem my toe so ewe mamma en sê ek moet vir hulle boeties en sussies by die huis groete stuur. So die saad is geplant… “my responsibility.” Die groei God s’n.


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