Eternamenta Blog Awards

I am privileged that Maria invited me to take part of the ETERNAMENTA BLOG AWARDS, “Most Talented Reader”:

Dear Toortsie,
We have an honour to invite you to participate in first ETERNAMENTA AWARDS ‘Most Talented Reader’.
Best Regards,
More detailed information is here:

Thank you so much! I feel honoured.

Years ago, when I read something interesting, I always saw something that I thought could help someone else, I never read for myself. Then one day, I decided to start reading for myself. That was the best decision I could ever make. In every book or blog post or anything that I read, there is something to learn for myself and over years, I became a better person thanks to the things I’ve read.

I love reading books and blogs. All my life I didn’t like reading the daily newspaper. I didn’t like the paper on which it was printed as a child, it felt dirty.  But I love a book! Different kinds of books.

I love reading a story. A good book takes me into another world, it let me experience things that I perhaps would never do myself. I also like biographies, it teaches me so much about other people and what they achieved and I always think, if they could do it, why not me?

I love books of different subjects, like cookbooks, religion, life. How to live life. When reading these books, I learn so much myself, but I also see new ways to help others.

Since I started blogging I changed a lot, I learned a lot. I learned that there are many ways of thinking, mine isn’t the only way! People differ, their circumstances differ, their way of life differs. Even in my own country, not all the people are the same! I learned to respect different people with different ways of the outlook of life.

But I also learned that there are other people that think and feels like me. Especially where I sometimes felt that I am the odd one out, on the blogs, there is always someone else that thinks the same! I am not the odd one out! 🙂 And thát gave me strength, thát empowered me so much, to know that, although I sometimes think different from others, it doesn’t mean that I am wrong or weird or anything.

I love reading! Thanks again for inviting me to take part in this challenge. Rule number 3 is that I have to mention 5 good readers: Seegogga, Una, Rondomtaliedraai‘ , Hester en Ekmyself.

Best wishes


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13 thoughts on “Eternamenta Blog Awards

  1. Dear Toortsie,
    I’m grateful to your splashing, boosting post! It seems to me that so positive person as you’re should like satire, so I recommend you works by Samuel Butler, a 17th century English writer. I guess he will bring you some joy.

    Good luck in competition!

    Best regards,



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