What is in a name?

Oceana. The name of our beach house.

I never liked this name and when we bought this house many years ago, I planned to change the name. This name reminded me of a passenger’s ship that went down a few years ago, the Oceanos.

I had a competition where friends could suggest possible names for the house. The winner would win a weekend in the house. This didn’t work so well.

During the years I thought about lots of possible names, like see-uitkyk, meaning a look at the sea, music house, etc. One of my latest plans for a name was Toortsie’s place.

I totally forgot about the name that I don’t like, I don’t see it anymore. It is part if the house, but still, I think about new names. Until this photo challenge came: Take a picture of a name.


Toortsie’s Banting Bash Facebook page

Toortsie’s Facebook page

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17 thoughts on “What is in a name?

  1. Well, at least your house by the beach has a name. I’m moving to a beautiful spot on the beachfront in two weeks’ time, but the building has no name yet (a major part of it is still under construction). I had a grand old time convincing Telkom to transfer my line to the Building Without Name.

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    1. 🙂 Ons Koei Sonder Naam het een keer die koerante gehaal! Dit was die eerste skou waaraan ons deelgenerm het en sy het net ‘n nommer gehad. Skoukoeie het NAME! Onsself was nie eers op die skou nie, toe wen sy die interraskompetisie, wat baie uitsonderlik was. ‘n Jersey wen nie gewoonlik die interras nie en sy was nog ‘n eerste laktasiekoei. Nou ja, die koerantmanne het toe maar gepraat van die koei sonder naam!
      Huis sonder naam! 🙂

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