I had been a foodaholic

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So many times in the past, I said the words, ‘I am addicted to food’, then people laughed and thought that I was joking. But I wasn’t.

That was long before I started the LCHF lifestyle more than two years ago.

I was involved with family members suffering chemical addiction and went to the training the hospitals gave. When I listened to what the trainers said, I knew that I had an addiction too, although it wasn’t acknowledged in those years and I am afraid to say, in most places it isn’t acknowledged still.

But I know what I know about myself. Most people still are in denial about this, but like so many other addictions, a person with a food addiction just can’t help him/herself!

I love food. I love eating. One of the things I am most thankful about is that with the LCHF lifestyle I am allowed to eat all these wonderful foods and never have to feel guilty again because that was one of my biggest problems before, Feeling guilty of eating so much! What was wrong with me? What problem did I have? I felt like a glutton (is this the correct word?).

I still love eating. I still love food. I think I still do eat more than I really need, but I feel wonderful. I lost 17 kg and maintain the weight loss. I have no cravings at all and if I feel like eating a snack, cheese is the perfect snack. I am sure I do eat much less than before, by the way!

I know how it feels to became fatter and fatter, when your clothes do not fit nicely anymore. LCHF worked for me. I can’t promise that it will work for everybody, all of us are different.

Please, if you ever decide to do the LCHF lifestyle, please consult your doctor first. It is 100% your own choice when you choose to do LCHF. I don’t take any responsibility for it.

The daily prompt is ‘pillage‘ -‘rob a place using violence, especially in wartime’. It has nothing to do with my post of the day, but I learned a new word again! This post definately fits in with the other daily prompt, ‘renewal‘, what a way to renew yourself when you renew your body! Yes!


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