I want to tell you about Ursula

My Afrikaans readers know Ursula very well by now, but I don’t think the English readers know her. Ursula is my Alter Ego, the other me. I didn’t always know about her, until one day! You see, she is invisible, that’s why I didn’t know about her existence.

In the beginning, she was only an irritation! She is extremely good at letting things vanish! (Daily prompt) She hides my cups of tea, but love pens most! And my shoes! I always have to check her, or she let it vanish!

Sometimes I get into big trouble because of her. Once she hid my husband’s pen and scissors as well. Oh my! And she made me sing a song that nearly got me into trouble!

Once she hid my dog for nearly 4 days and put a few CATs into his bed. Can you believe it!

But in the meantime we became friends. Actually, she helps me a lot. You know, I can be a bit confused sometimes, then she is the one that holds the strings together. When things get a bit too busy, she is more than willing to help me!

But what I am most excited about, is that when I buy myself a red helicopter, she will be the driver! Yesss!

Ursula for president! 🙂


(Don’t worry, this was the pure imagination of Toortsie.)

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