It is this time of the year!

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The end of the year rush is here again! There’s birthdays and end of the year functions, weddings, name it. Everyone that wanted to organize something during the year now tries to fit it in before the end of the year.

And our South Africans can’t have a party without plenty of food. Is this a South African thing or is it a worldwide thing? We South Africans love food! And, unlike what so many people tries to say, I have no problem with that.

You know, for too many years it was shameful to like food, to enjoy food. This is one of the main reasons I love LCHF so much. I love food. I enjoy food. There is nothing to be ashamed about loving food. So many times I see an obese person, telling me that she don’t eat much. And why do they say that? Because of unnecessary shame! Because of somehing she really can’t help. Because of a sugar addiction.

And that is the beauty about it! With a little bit of planning, we can address the sugar addiction, but most of all, we may enjoy the party and the delicious food without feeling bad about it.

So, before we go to the party, we have to prepare ourselves a bit.

Firstly, don’t go there feeling hungry. The problem is that you have no idea at all about what will be served. It can be all pastry and if you are hungry, you won’t have enough will power to resist it.  So my advice will be: Eat something before you go, like cheese. Cheese is such a wonderful food, it contains lots of fats, it is tasty, you feel good after eating cheese. It gives you the lining that will help you later at the function.

Check the things out. What do they serve that you’re allowed to eat. Enjoy every one of these items that you are allowed to eat.

At the buffet, first look what food are being served. Plan beforehand what you are going to eat and dish yourself enough of that!

But what if the food is plated? Then you eat what is allowed and leave the rest. Those days that you have to eat everything on your plate, have past. If you didn’t dish yourselve, you don’t have to eat everything.

Sometimes it may happen that there isn’t a thing that you can eat. Or it may be pasta and salad. Then take less if the ‘bad’ food and lots of salad.

What do you do when desert is served? Stand up and start a conversation somewhere, or go to the bathroom. Do anything not to eat it.

Last, but not least, if you fell off the wagen at the party, if you couldn’t help it, it is okay. It really is. Don’t think that you are a failure then. The first thing in the morning, start again. Do you’re LCHF lifestyle, it really is worth it.

Be couragious. Be strong.


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