Transformation and blogging

Daily prompt: Transformation

I asked Google the meaning of transformation, I knew it means change, but is it any change? In South Africa, we see lots of transformation around us every day. Google said: ‘a marked change in form, nature, or appearance’.

I’ll try to write about transformation on my blog. Since I started blogging about seven years ago, many things changed. I changed. My blog changed. I can still remember my very first blogpost on my old blog, Madele oor leef. I remember how scared I was, how shy. Who on earth would read all the nonsense that I write?

Since then it became easier to write and I still enjoy every minute of it!

One of the biggest changes that happened on this blog, is when I invited Kameel and Bokbaaivygie to be part of this blog. That was a good decision, I love what they write and the readers also love their work.

I gained a lot of self-confidence. Who would ever think that I would publish a book? And it all started with a single blog post years ago. Transformation, that is, I think!

For myself, a lot of things changed since I started using the WordPress reader and started following other blogs. My blogging world widened and thanks to the reader, I now can even follow English blogs. I have to say that I don’t want all the emails and that is the reason I haven’t followed blogs before.

For me, one if the biggest transformations happened when I started writing in English once in a while. Never thought that I would do such a thing because I am a bit self-conscious about my grammar! As a result of this, I am gaining new blog friends as well!

Okoto Enigma had a very nice blog post about how to increase site traffic and get more followers. Very interesting. We know about the usual things: Write more often, make yourself known to others by leaving comments on their blogs, etc. Okoto Enigma says a lot of valuable things, like being friendly, support others, to love what you write, reply on comments. Please, read it. It is basic things, but really good to know.

So, my birthday wish for myself today is that I shall have many things to write in the years to come, that I will be willing to change so that my blog will always be fresh and new, that I will respond to my calling to be a light.


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Toortsie se Facebook page

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14 thoughts on “Transformation and blogging

  1. Baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag Toortsie.Ek hoop ek het reg gelees.Mag daar nog baie wees en ‘n geseende dag en jaar vir jou en jou familie.Bederf jouself.Hou asb aan met skryf.Ek dink jou skryfstyl resoneer nogal goed met my.

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  2. The greatest transformation that can take place in the life of a child of God is to grow into the image of Jesus Christ. May you spiritually excel this coming year and may His dreams for your future, and the talents He has placed within you come to fruition.


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