How do you do?

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Hello, my name is Toortsie, which is the Afrikaans word for a flashlight, just a little light, like a small torch. We have a mixed farming operation in the Overberg. We grow grain crops (canola, wheat, and barley) and we also have sheep and dairy cattle.  Although grain is not allowed in the LCHF lifestyle, it is a part of my life and I can’t expect our whole farm to change for the sake of my weight. In no way am I trying to impose my lifestyle on others.

In July 2014 I was totally disheartened. I have already tried a lot of weight loss programmes with which I did really well until I reached my target weight, just to gain it all again! Do you know that feeling? A scale doing the see-saw?  One moment you are looking beautiful and sexy, the next moment you have gained every single kilogram you have lost before?

When Prof. Tim Noakes reached the headlines with his new approach to eating, I just shook my head. We just have to eat a balanced diet, don’t we? But I became more and more interested. The problem was, I was eating way too much with excellent balance!

I started recalling bits of conversations, like uncle Tooi, a physician, who once said that the human body cannot actually digest whole grains. Why didn’t I grow fat as a child when I ate so many eggs?

Over time, I heard of more and more doctors approving of the Banting lifestyle, I started thinking that perhaps I should give it a go.

On Sunday, July 27, 2014, with a weight of 96.7 kg, I decided to try the Banting eating plan. Since then I never looked back. Today my weight is about 80 kg.

I realise that there are many interpretations of this way of eating. Some people say that we may eat fruit while others say no. Some people do count carbs while others say that it is not necessary. Some ‘schools’ say that we must not eat vegetables in the first week of LCHF, while others say that we have to eat vegetables with every meal. I feel that each person has to choose which one of the many schools he/she is going to follow and then stays within that rules, and most importantly, know the rules. I am following the Banting lifestyle as is described in The Real Meal Revolution by Prof Tim Noakes and when writing on this blog, it is my interpretation of the lifestyle.

My wish is to help and inspire someone.

Best wishes


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