The LCHF traveller

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Every time I return home from a trip somewhere, I come to the conclusion that LCHF definitely is the easiest and best way of lifestyle, even when travelling.

It helps if you are prepared a bit.

On our last trip to the Baviaanskloof, where two meals a day were provided, I still did a bit of packing. I also knew that there would be lots of eating and drinking and the one thing I really don’t want to do is falling off the LCHF wagon! No! Not after two years doing it and I’m doing so well on it, I really don’t want to start over again.

I did cheat a little bit, drank some brandy, mixed with Coke Lite and also a glass or two of red wine. Yes, we are allowed to drink red wine, but I usually drink only one glass per week since I am very near my goal weight and is very sensitive nowadays of eating the wrong things.

So I packed lots of pecan nuts and almonds, a variety of cheeses and salami. Oh, I love these things! You know, in the past, before the LCHF days, these were the things with which I’ve always cheated, now I am allowed to eat them as much as I like!

I also packed in a few tomatoes, for when the salads provided were potato salad or beetroot.

After 4 days of eating way too much, I can say: LCHF is definitely the way to go. The scale didn’t move an inch! Yes! And the reason for it? Because I ate the food that is allowed to eat, even while I ate a bit more than usual. And what’s more? In the past, when I still did a ‘balanced diet’,  on a trip like this I would have gained more than 2 kilo’s and at home, the eating would continue, but not with LCHF. Now my appetite is less because my body has to adapt and within a day everything will be normal again.

LCHF rocks! LCHF is a lifestyle, not a diet and really, not difficult to do, even when you are travelling.


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4 thoughts on “The LCHF traveller

  1. In my town, people get dragged behind a horse for adding Coke to brandy. 😂 As for LCHF, preach it,sister! Last night, I had my first cut of red meat in many months. The last was in November 2015. The non-LCHF SASSA diet had me gain 8kg since around March 2016. The SASSA diet is not recommended. They cut out all the food and replace it with a filler. With $100pm nobody can eat healthy. Prior, I have lost many kg, had a very good mood and much energy. Then the Metrorail strikes started and we lost what we had built up in a very hard way over eight years. Just when we started living healthy, proving Dr Banting & Prof Tim Noakes right, we were thrown back into the Bad Way. It sux life and lives around the waist.

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