The question is, how do you want the outside world to see you. That’s how I understand the question. What do you do to create your image? What clothes do you like? How do you interact with people?

Informal. That is the image that I like. Comfortable. Somebody to be comfortable with. That doesn’t mean sluggish, not caring about how I look, but informal, please.

I live on a farm in the southern parts of South Africa, not too far from the sea. When I am at home, I wear comfortable clothes, mostly jeans with a comfortable top. Comfortable shoes as well. Nice shoes, but comfortable. In summer I like shorts, not so very short, knee-high with easy shirts. No make-up at home. My clothes must be clean, neatly ironed, but comfortable.  

I have curly hair that do their own thing. So even my hair is cut in an informal, comfortable style. 

When I go to town, I shall put on better clothes, but informal. Then I shall put on make-up as well, but I really don’t like it much. 

Oh, I love colour! Lots of colour. Colours that doesn’t always match according to the old rules. I have a shawl that was crocheted with red and pink and purple and blue and grey. Beautiful! When I put that chawl around myself, I feel if I can fly. 

So this is who I am: Informal, comfortable and I hope, with a warm personality. Trustworthy. Oh, I do hope that people feel that they can trust me, that I do the things I promise to do and that I do it well. 



10 thoughts on “Informal.

  1. It is good to just be and not pretend. Where I live, can be seen as the gateway to Africa, our mall, that is. Not every mall has tugboats, draw bridges, passenger ships, ones that go to Antarctica or St Helena, freighters, submarine cable layers or fishing vessels and sometimes some of the world’s top ten most expensive yachts mooring there. It is the playground of paupers and princes. It also is where a lady can step from a Bugatti, Bentley or Benz and go barefoot. I see it so often. Pretty Woman.


  2. Hallo! Ek vrek oor informeel… Jeans, t-shirt en ‘n totale gebrek aan titels soos “dokter”, “meneer en mevrou” of “dominee en pastoor”. Nie een van ons kan op enigiets staatmaak wat uit onsself kom nie. Alles wat ons het is u
    genade uit die Vader se hand en Christus Jesus was en is nog steeds ten spyte van Sy Almag baie informeel, want ons noem die Grote God op Sy naam. Ek is so dankbaar vir die manier warop ek gemaklik kan voel in my eie vel… Sommige mense kyk my maar weird aan met my baard en ponytail, gewoonlike ongestrykte jeans, maar dis wie en wat ek is. “What you see, is what you get”


  3. As ons mag dra wat ons wil….. mag ek maar weer skouerkussings dra? Lekker grotes wat ‘n mens so mooi regop laat lyk. Yep Toortsie, geen fieterjasies net jouself. ‘n Lekker mens 🙂

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