Toortsie’s Banting Recipebook

At first Toortsie was a shy, Afrikaans speaking farmgirl, putting all her farmstyle recipes in a book, Toortsie se Bantingboerekos. This book was launched on 16 December 2015.

Since then, she became a world traveller. Toortsie’s tasty and easy recipes, with normal ingredients, for normal homes,  are used in houses across the globe!

Toortsie can be found in houses in South Africa, but she is also used in the Caymon Islands and in Canada. She travels in Europe and in Abu Dhabi. She is in Australia and New Zealand. In Africa she is in Kenia and Namibia. I’m sure she is in many more countries than I can think of! It’s SO exciting! 🙂  Yess!

So what happens next? Toortsie is speaking ENGLISH! 🙂


The English Toortsie, Toortsie’s Banting Bash, has just returned from the translaters! I am very excited, thankful, privileged to say that she will be available in English soon, hopefully in July 2016! And perhaps, who knows, she will also be travelling around the world soon!

The recipes are tasty and very easy to make, and every person in the family can eat it, Banters and non-Banters!

So in the meantime, ‘like’ Toortsie’s Banting Bash’s Facebook page  where you will see what is happening and where and when it will be available. Be part of the development and birth of the book! As soon as it is printed, you can order it and I will mail it to you. It will also be available at Bidorbuy where you can order it by credit card.

So, keep your eyes open, look out for Toortsie’s Banting Bash! 🙂

Toortsie's Banting Bash Nr 1


Best wishes,


South African farmgirl

Toortsie by Finesse: Tjoklits op ons pad

Toortsie se Faceboekpage

Toortsie se Bantingboerekos faceboekpage


About Toortsie

'n Flitsliggie wat oral inskyn, ook waar dit soms ongemaklik is... A Toortsie is a small flashlight, like a torch.
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25 Responses to Toortsie’s Banting Recipebook

  1. Proud of you Toortsie…. a small light which proved to be a huge bright light….. go Toortsie!


  2. Dis ‘n briljante titel!


  3. Attagirl, you’re going from strength to strength. Congratulations on your success.


  4. Werner Olivier sê:

    Baie geluk Toortsie.Our own ”Banting Queen”


  5. Kameel sê:

    Toortsie praat nou Ingels 🙂 I applaud the achievement that you attained by not only penetrating the Afrikaner quisine but now with the exquisite recipies will also encompass thé English speaking community.


  6. Wow veels geluk, ek sien uit na die Ingelse een. Ek verkondig nog steeds jou lekker maklike resepte hier in NZ. Juis Maandig met my plaas vriendin gesels wat n spesiale dieët volg. Dit wil vir my voorkom dat sy beslis baat kan vind met jou resepte. Dalk travel Toorts in Eng NZ toe!


  7. puppy1952 sê:

    Baie geluk – Nou dat daar ‘n Engelse boek sal wees, gaan hy al verder in die wereld reis! Love the Afrikaans book and use it all the time – also read all your Blogs in Afrikaans – My “Taal” has improved because of it!


  8. Terug pieng: World Food Day At Simon’s Town | Awethentiq®

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